Reasearch & Development


ML LUBRICATION offers water miscible metalworking fluids, soluble or emulsifiable, based on different formulation concepts for different metals and a variety of materials like glass, fiber composites, plastics or ceramics.

Non water miscible metal working fluids – often named as neat cutting oils or straight cutting oil respectively grinding oils – can be provided with various different base oil technologies such as mineral oil, esters, polyalphaolefins (PAO) and from the most modern Gas-To-Liquid technology (GTL).

Every R & D project begins with the careful selection of raw materials. Naturally, our product development researchers have extensive knowledge of the raw material market. Thanks to the use of high quality raw materials, ML LUBRICATION is able to develop modern products for the today’s industrial needs and requirements.

In cooperation with industrial research institutes, universities and colleges ML LUBRICATION is able to utilize state of the art research and testing facilities. New research results can therefore immediately be integrated into the development of modern and cutting edge products.

As a result of all these activities, ML LUBRICATION offers innovative high quality products and constantly work on new technology concepts. We work closely with our customers to help them meet the future challenges for the ever evolving industry.