Private Label

Your brand – our technology
Over the last 30 years, ML LUBRICATION has been able to establish itself as a leading international private label supplier in the lubricants sector. Our business area includes metalworking fluids, lubricants and process media from our own development and production as well as complementary services for national and international customers with their own brand having their focus purely on sales and marketing.

Private Label

ML LUBRICATION is your discrete partner in process technologies: lubricants, metal working fluids and process media such as industrial cleaners and rust preventives. ML LUBRICATION is supporting you and your brand with innovative formulations and extensive services.

A great variety of formulation concepts is available to fulfill your customer´s needs:

Water miscible metalworking fluids: for cutting and forming operations

Water soluble, emulsifiable, fully synthetic, semi synthetic, milky soluble oils, mineral oil and ester based

  • Boron containing/amine containing
  • Boron free/amine containing
  • Boron free/amine free
  • Boron free with innovative polymer technology
  • Boron free with modern technology for optimum technical stability and sump life
  • Numerous individual special formulations
  • Conformity with German TRGS 611, formulated with REACH registered raw materials
  • All products are available free from formaldehyde releasers (FRB) – preparing you and your customers for the future

Non-water-miscible metalworking fluids (neat/straight oils): for cutting & forming operations

Based on mineral oil, ester, polyalphaolefins (PAO) and GTL oils

  • High performance grinding oils and honing oils
  • Broaching oils, deep hole drilling oils for highest requirements, also available with sulphurised base oils
  • Cutting oils for general machining and auto lathe machining, multifunctional oils
  • Drawing oils, deep drawing oils for simple to severe metal forming processes
  • Cold forging oils, cold heading oils
  • Stamping media, fine stamping oils and volatilizing oils for sheet metal forming

Process media: for industrial cleaning and rust prevention

  • Industrial cleaners: water miscible and hydrocarbon solvent based (cold cleaners, degreasers)
  • Rust preventives for temporary rust protection: water-based, oil-based and hydrocarbon solvent-based
  • Various individual special formulations

ML LUBRICATION is supporting the private label products and the sales/marketing of your brand with a full service package:

  • Creation and updating of the technical data sheets according to national regulations
  • Application technology orientated support by experienced technicians and chemists
  • On-site consultation
  • Individual trainings for your sales staff
  • Application monitoring of the products thanks to our highly modern service laboratory
  • Warehouse logistics and delivery in your packages with your label directly to your customer
  • Consultancy with implementation of service concepts such as fluid management etc.

ML LUBRICATION has established a tight network of production plants, subsidiaries, sales partners and specialists in all important industrial markets within and outside Europe to guarantee a high standard of service and consultation on an international level.


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